Safe: Code Breakers

Price: $0.99

Weight: 44.3 MB


Is a challenging mind bending thriller game for your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad where the goal is to fulfill the assignments by cracking safes.
This brain trainer on numbers, colors, dots, maths and timers is all set in imaginary scenes of robberies, chases, tension and ambition.

It all started when Tom was released from prison and was contacted by his old business friend Gino. He is a white collar, and one of the best light fingered persons in the planet. He has now to rob a number of safes, all immersed in a thrilling original narrative.

The game will test your brain with a gameplay that is as also as much fun as you could ever imagine.

Opening a safe has never been so much fun.

> The game includes 120 levels for your iPhone and iPad devices and your Apple Watch, completely synchronized, for hours of entertainment.

> Play the levels on your iPhone and they will synch on your Apple Watch automatically.

> Play the game on your Apple Watch and your iPhone levels will also unlock.

> Check how you are doing on the global ranks on your iPhone with Game Center.

> Original soundtrack inspired by the most famous robbery movies

> Tap the unique number on each of the 3 color stages (RED, YELLOW, BLUE) before the stopwatch ends, and the safe will open. Earn your money and get new assignments.

> Each 10 levels a new feature tile will appear giving you a novel challenge that will test your brain!

> Many different safes with increasingly difficulty levels

> Rob all kind of objects such as: diamonds, gold ingots, investment funds, bank notes, technology chips, Mona Lisas, Van Goghs and undisclosed documents, until you find the most valuable item!